Traction - TPMS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor APP
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TPMS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor APP Control
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TPMS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor APP Control

Product Feature

  • Dynamically Monitor: Dynamically monitors all tire pressure and temperature, improves fuel efficiency, and prolongs tire life and ensures driver safety.
  • Money and Time Saving: The Bluetooth external TPMS sensors which are with long-lasting battery life for almost 3~5 Years can help save your fuels up to 11 cents per gallon with properly inflated tires. And you can maintain your car tire by yourself.
  • Easy Installation: Anyone can set up in 3 easy steps in just 10 minutes. 1. Remove tire valve caps, put in anti-theft screws; 2. Install the outer sensor on the tire valve in order; 3. Hold the sensor, tighten the anti-theft screw. (Each sensor has a unique ID code. Please make sure the sensor installed on corresponding tire valve).
  • Convenient Operating System: The Tire Pressure Monitoring System is designed for cellphones, just connect your smartphone with APP for iOS and Android through the application of built-in Bluetooth 4.0 or above.
  • Precision Direction System: 4 Sensors with waterproof and anti-corrosion, anti-theft technology, making it fully qualified for rainy days. High sensitivity, good accuracy for measuring pressure and temperature.

How To Use
Option 1: Scan QR code on the card, then download and install;
Option 2: Search "TPMSII" in APP Store or Google Play Store, then download and install.
Bluetooth TPS Outer Sensor Installation: Each sensor has a unique ID code. Please make sure the sensor installed on the corresponding tire valve.

1. Please follow the mark and install the sensor on the corresponding tire. Please save the installation tools (screws and wench) in the car, for installing or un-stalling sensors. After sensor installation, please check if there / 's tire leakage.
2. Support a cellphone with Bluetooth 4.0 or above. Do NOT support Cellphone with Bluetooth lower than 4.0. Product displays by cellphone. During driving, please be careful when viewing tire pressure and temperature on a cellphone. If tire pressure accelerates down or up continuously, please stop the car and check if there's any problem with the tire.
3. This product can read tire pressure and temperature, but it cannot avoid sudden accidents caused by the tire. It's important to use a tire with high quality. Slightly tire leakage makes tire pressure decreases over time is normal. It has nothing to do with this product installation.
4. Do not connect to your phone before you installed the sensors(the sensor will only be activated with high pressure), otherwise, it will connect failed or show errors.

Product Specification
Type    Bluetooth Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Bluetooth Version    Bluetooth 5.0
Working Voltage    3V
Quiescent Current    ?14-1.8?A
Bluetooth Operating Frequency    24GHz
Response Time    ?5s
Display Mode    APP
Waterproof Rating    |P67
Working Humidity    95%MAX
Tire Pressure Detection Range    10-1300kPa
Tire Pressure Detection Accuracy    ±10kPa
Temperature Detection Accuracy    ±3?
Working Temperature    -30?~+70?
Storage Temperature    -30?~+70?
Battery Capacity    140mAh
Battery Life    3-5 years


Package Included
 4 x Bluetooth5.0 TPMS Sensors
 1 x Card with App QR Code
 1 x Wrench
 1 x User Manual

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