Traction - Rotala Rotundifolia RED Live Aquarium Plant Aquatic Plant
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Rotala Rotundifolia RED Live Aquarium Plant Aquatic Plant
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Rotala Rotundifolia RED Live Aquarium Plant Aquatic Plant

Rotala rotundifolia is  one of the few red plants in the hobby. It is quite popular cause it ease of cultivation and  red color.  This plant can be use submerjed on aquariums or it can be grow emersed in terrariums as long as the humidity is high.  This plant is very undemanding  and its growth can be rapid, especially under good lighting with CO2 supplementation. Co2 is not required but it will benefit the plant if provided. When allowed to grow to the surface, the plant will often turn back downward in a visually attractive cascade. The shade of red depends on the iron supplementation and of the intensity of the light   Low or medium light will produce a somewhat pink -green specimen. Under intense light with good micronutrient levels it will acquire a nice pink, strong red  coloration. This plant propagate by cuttings.



CO2 demand: Not Requied. 
Level: Easy.
Lighting: Low-Medium
Growth Rate: Medium
Placement: Foreground-Midground
Suggested supplement: Seachem Iron  

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